Vapid visions flit and flash
Beneath these veils of yore,

Amidst the wreckage flocked with ash
From dreams charred to the core.

A vagrant spark lost in the dark
Inhumed by memories past,

Reignites a thousands lights,
Instilling peace once more.


There is no better time than now to have my senses cease,
You’ve walked along into my life and caused a loss of peace.

My eyes beheld your elegance and now I cannot sleep,
They’ve gazed upon your beauty and have caused my heart to leap.

My ears have caught your singing voice and now they’re truly blessed,
I hang on every note, you’ve caused my heart to be obsessed.

My nose received your fragrance, perfume beyond compare,
For even flowers bow to you, your presence charms the air.

My skin gives in beneath your touch as you gently hold my hand,
I feel as though I’ve passed the clouds, I never wish to land.

And yet I find I’m holding back from tasting your sweet lips,
The very thought of kissing you, my heart produces skips.

I will not be discouraged, there’s a reason for these fences,
For I know soon will be a day I come to all of my senses.


blindI’d give up my sight,
Just to feel your warm touch.

For vision is nothing,
But your love is much.

A beauty so brilliant,
Your soul emits light.

A passionate heart,
That transcends my own sight.


fathomBeckoned by such peacefulness,
I walk into her waves.

Her soft, caressing currents,
Entice me from the shore.

Majestic swells of passion,
Blinding salty haze.

Murky blue intentions,
I can’t withstand much more.

Amongst the salty spires,
I gasp for one last breath.

Crushing walls of azure sea,
Close in from high above.

As light fades fast I wonder why,
Such beauty ends in death.

Sinking deep into her soul,
The fathoms of her love.


sparkInspiration comes and goes,
Although, when called, it rarely shows.

It’s rise and fall resembles tides,
We seek and search, it stealthily hides.

We long to bask in it’s warm rays,
Yet when it comes it seldom stays.

So once again we’re in the dark,
Awaiting yet another spark.


flameAs though I am a candle,
Your love, radiating brightly as a flame.

I take in your warmth and beauty,
Slowly, as you melt me away.

Amber glow of comfort,
You light up my soul.

Never to be extinguished,
Shielded from wind by my strong grasp.

Forever fueled by passion,
I melt around you.


youthTime is the distance between memories,
And our memories are separated by miles.

I’d travel great lengths to revisit the days,
A treasure of heart warming smiles.

However life lies before me,
An uncharted expanse of truth.

Yet still throughout my journey,
Are never-ending memories of youth.


beach surfI walk this slate, wiped clean by surf,
My feet draw lines across the earth.

A sentence fragment punctuated,
Gulls just laugh at what’s created.

Senseless verses, some would think,
Wrote with disappearing ink.

Temporary words from motion,
Put to death by jealous ocean.

simply be

Stumpy Lake sun
Fast forward and pause, slow-motion, rewind,
I wish that my heart took control of the time.

When the waiting is hard and the future seems far,
I’ll press into knowing how lovely You are.

So perfectly timed with the gifts that are planned,
I relax in the fact that they come from Your hand.

As I sit here and know that Your love covers me,
I take joy in the moment and simply be.


shooting starA shooting star that brightly streamed across the evening sky,
A fleeting light, that shined so bright, amongst the heavens high.

Inspiring and touching all the hearts who saw your smile,
In hoping that such preciousness would stay here for awhile.

A sweet impression left behind of grace and perfect love,
A timeless gift that carries on as mercy from above.

The Father holds you in His arms, you’re free from all the pain,
We’re saddened by our sudden loss, yet proud for Heaven’s gain.

dedicated to Hudson Elise Beisel
(April 8th, 2011 – March 11th, 2012)

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